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Your RSRA EZScreentm or other environmental assessment report will be performed by David G. VerSluis, Jr., Registered Environmental Property Assessor (REPA).

Mr. VerSluis is a seasoned Environmental Professional, who has personally completed, reviewed, edited and signed over 2000+ Phase I ESA's to-date, often involving complex hydrogeologic issues and liability concerns. Vast experience in the environmental field including many Phase II investigations, cleanups and closures of Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST),  BEA's, Due Care Plans, expert witness testimony, and many others.  He has been performing RSRA EZ-Screens since they were first proposed in 2007.

Mr. VerSluis has held the "Registered Environmental Property Assessor" (REPA) credential from the National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP) since January of 1992. This credential carries equivalent requirements to the "Environmental Professional" designation, pursuant to the "All Appropriate Inquiry" Standards (Sections 101(35)(B)(ii) and (iii) of the federal Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA)), effective November 2006.

Mr. VerSluis has been recognized by Who's Who for Executive Professionals since 1996, has been recognized by the SBA for his environmental contributions, and has been recognized by NREP as a 20-year member. His LinkedIn profile contains over 35 recommendations over a 25 year period!  Mr. VerSluis taught the Environmental Seminar at Michigan's annual SBA Lender's Conference from 2001-2009. 

Sierra Consultant's mission is simple: to lead the industry with the best and fastest environmental services at reasonable prices!

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